Brunch Menu Friday

New Brunch


Brunch – 135 NIS per person

All the courses are served to table center

Brunch includes basket of bread, dips, tapas and main course



Eggplant and goat cheese cream in nut vinaigrette

Fresh Ricotta, Flavored honey, Apricot, Almonds

Tomato salad, mozzarella, eggplant cream, lost bread

Lox, beetroot Salad, horseradish, Yuzo aioli and sour cream

Carrot salad, kohlrabi and cauliflower in Som Tam sauce

Har Bracha Msabacha, chickpeas, olive oil

kohlrabi carpaccio, tuna and yuzo cream, anchovies and capers

Tzitziki, sheep yoghurt, zucchini, and fish ceviche with Sumac

Jaffa Street

Tomatoes, eggs, eggplants, smoked chipotle, harissa, garlic confit, coriander chickpeas and cured lemons

Sea Souvlaki 

Grilled chunks of Grouper with spices, humus cream, grilled vegetables salsa, poached egg


Grouper Kabab

Yogurt, freekeh

Desserts- 35 NIS

chocolate bar/cheese cake/exotic soup


Mineral water / Sparkling water 750ml – 14 NIS

Soft drinks / Juice – 7 NIS

Coffee / Tea – 7 NIS