Dinner & Wine

Dinner & Wine

 429NIS per person



Andalusian Tuna

Seared Tuna with spices, grilled veggies salsa, Jerusalem artichoke, black & white eggplant cream, yogurt, chipotle vinaigrette, cilantro oil

Blanc Du Blanc, Yarden, Golan Heights Winery, 2008

First course for choice:

Galili Earth

Wild mushrooms, bulgur, pine nuts, Lebanese Arisa, yogurt, white eggplant cream, tomato vinaigrette and mustard leaves

Chardonnay Special Reserve Herzog, 13

Eggplant Carpaccio Nur style

Grilled eggplant, tahini, date honey, pistachio, dry feta, coriander seeds, rosewater and fennel flowers

Chardonnay, Yafo vineyard, 15’

 “Arabic Salad”

White fish Ceviche, tomatoes, shoshka pepper, tahini, herbs, pine nuts, cucumbers, mint, parsley and lemon powder

Marawi, Recanati, 15′

Choice of main course:

The Alleys of Akko

Grilled Sea Bream, eggplant cream, garlic and olive oil, tahini, Freekeh stew with onions and almonds, green summer vegetables, yogurt, smoked vegetables vinigrate

Judean Hills, Tzora winery, 14’


Sea Fish on Citrus coals and fennel Marmalade, blacl Linguine in tomatoes butter, fennel seeds, white wine, garlic and lemon

Cabernet sauvignon reserve, Flam, Upper Galilee 13′

Mushrooms Sea Bass

Sea Bass with Himeji mushrooms, “forbidden rice” with root veggies, Porcini butter

Sinai, Psagot… Judean Hills ’14

Dessert of the day
T^2, Yarden, Golan Heights winery