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Brunch Menu Friday



Brunch – 120 NIS per person.

Brunch includes basket of bread, dips, tapas and main course



Beet juices salmon, fennel seeds, capers, chives, crème fraiche and horseradish

Labane, steamed spinach with cumin and lemon olive oil

Herring with onions, apples, raisins and curry vinaigrette

Homemade Icră, green onion, cucumber, radishes

Fresh ricotta, Uzbek apricot, honey, saffron, chopped almonds and olive oil

Har Bracha Thini, chickpeas, chili, shallot, pine nuts and olive oil

Feta cheese, tomatoes, grilled toasted pita, eggplant cream, and basil

Main course for choice

Jaffa Street

Tomatoes, smoked chipotle, harissa, garlic confit, coriander and lemons

(Extra bream fillet -35 NIS)

Spring scents

Green Omelet, mozzarella, leek, spinach and bar blanc, served with baked sweet potatoes with sea salt

(Extra smoked salmon – 19 NIS)

Memories from Brussels

Belgian waffles, poached eggs, cream cheese, avocado, scallions, asparagus, Hollandaise sauce and yuzu

(Extra smoked salmon – 19 NIS)


Burrata with olive oil and balsami, roasted pepper, salted anchovies, grilled artichoke confit, fennel, radishes, boiled egg with pickled capers

Breakfast in Paris

Chiffon Crepe, wild mushrooms ragout, fried egg, parmesan and Beurre Blanc

Fish & chips (+35 NIS)

Salmon with Peanut butter and curry, smoked potato fries, mango aioli

Desserts- 35 NIS

chocolate bar/cheese cake/exotic soup

Mineral water / Sparkling water 750ml – 14 NIS

Soft drinks / Juice – 7 NIS

Coffee / Tea – 7 NIS