First Dishes

Tsukiji in green 97 NIS

Cucumber Swede, Sea sashimi, seaweed, daikon, tapioca, watermelon, Asian aioli, lime and green tea yogurt, white soy Anglaise, Himeji mushrooms, Macha powder, Tapioca Puff, Yuzu cream


Glasses in Bangkok 97/117 NIS

Glass noodles, smoked cabbage, cucumber, green beans, green onions, crispy shallots, Ginger, green papaya, tomatoes, lemon grass, fish sauce, garlic, dried chili, cilantro lime peanut and coconut crumble, slices of fried sea bass


Tokyo Thrill 99 NIS

  Sea Sashimi, textures of radishes, sticky rice with sesame, wasabi

Avocado cream, ginger, blood orange and curry glaze, soy cream

Indonesian fish & chips 109 NIS

Salmon with Peanut butter and curry, smoked sweet potato fries, lime, coconut and mango aioli, candied lime and fresh herbs

          Summer Scents in Kashmir 115 NIS

    Avocado crème, yogurt, papaya salsa, Homus crumble, chili

 Fish sashimi, shallots, buffalo mozzarella in tempura coriander, curry amchur oil

Summer in Ko Phi Phi 99 NIS

Grouper carpaccio, kohlrabi ravioli filled with mango, apricot, ginger and lemongrass, Curry oil, kaffir lime, raisins, okra, green beans

Indian Focaccia open on grille

Pink Sea 99 NIS

Textures of organic beets, Grblks in beet juices, creme fraiche, beetroot, ginger and lemon grass cream, beet chips, molecular meringue, walnuts and quail egg yolk

Pleasure winters in Hanoi 109 NIS

Chestnut soup with cream and milk, baked sea bar with macadamia butter

Jerusalem artichoke chips, macadamia nuts, milk foam


Main Dishes

Ramen Soup 107NIS

Fish broth and tomatoes, egg noodles, shiitake mushrooms, green onion

boiled egg, Thai beans, slices of grilled grouper, red chili

Asian Journey in One Soup Bowl 95NIS
Tom yum soup, hijiki seaweed, soba noodles, glass noodles, bok choy shimeji mushrooms, sea bar sausage, green asparagus, coriander, roasted peanuts, “perfect” egg

Sea Curry Chiang Mai 133 NIS

Green curry and herbs, Red Snapper fillet, black lentils, pineapple, okra, tempura poached egg, lentils Puff, Red snapper on plancha, rice

“Near Far East” 133 NIS

Sea bream roasted on coals, fire Tershi, chickpeas, celery, Uzbek apricot, Asian granola, cardamom yogurt, mandarin vinaigrette, fish sauce and lime

Beijing land fragrances 137 NIS 

Black rice with soy honey and sesame oil, Sea Bar fillet, steamed eggplant cream, snow peas, fresh Himeji mushrooms, cashews, Jerusalem artichoke powder


Goa Beaches 105/145 NIS

Fried baby grouper, red curry, aubergine, tomatoes

green onion, Turkish beans, coconut powder, coriander, pineapple,

Thai pumpkin and okra


Hot in Ko Samui 127 NIS

Slices of fried sea bass, crispy onion, cashew, fish and chili vinaigrette

Sriratz’h yuzu, sticky rice and herbs


Passion fruit brulee 73 NIS
Passion fruit Brulee, citrus fruit and pomelo, finger lime, white chocolate and Matcha crumble, sesame tuile and Pina colada sorbet

Floating islands 71 NIS
Exotic soup, steamed meringue, fresh fruit, ginger jelly, mango jelly, blood orange jelly, tapioca, cider and anise granite, peanuts Krokant, lychee sorbet


Black Forest in Japan 73 NIS

Chocolate cherry Cremo bar, black licorice meringue, cocoa Sponge, cherry jelly, sake Anglais, licorice Chantilly, cherry sorbet

Mango & Bergamot Tart 71 NIS

Olive oil sable, diced mango, buttermilk foam and kfir lime,

passion fruit sorbet, white chocolate Crumble yogurt, Tapioca tuile

Baba rum 71 NIS

Severin in curry leaves, chilli and citrus zest syrup, white chocolate and yuzu Anglais, Chantilly powdered citrus, mandarin confit, passion fruit Twill, mandarin jelly, blood orange sorbet