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Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

will be served from Sunday 5.3 13:00-16:00


45 NIS

Served with bread basket and dips


Smoked eggplant, tahini, honey, cashew

Roasted cauliflower, chili, lemon grass, cardamom yogurt

Smoked tomato gazpacho, cumin, cucumber

Vegetable tempura, remoulade aioli and weeds

Roasted sweet potatoes with salt, miso cream, black sesame, sour cream

Main Dish

120 NIS

Served with bread basket and dips


Glasses in Bangkok

Glass noodles, smoked cabbage, cucumber, green beans, green onions, crispy shallots, Ginger, green papaya, tomatoes, lemon grass, fish sauce, garlic, dried chili, cilantro lime peanut and coconut crumble,

slices of fried sea bass

Indonesian fish & chips

Salmon with Peanut butter and curry, smoked potato fries, lime, coconut and mango aioli, candied lime and fresh herbs

“Near Far East”

Roasted Sea bream, “fire” Tershi, chickpeas, celery, Uzbek apricot, Asian granola, cardamom yogurt, mandarin vinaigrette, fish sauce and lime

Goa Beaches

Fried fish, red curry, aubergine, tomatoes

green onion, Turkish beans, coconut powder, coriander, pineapple,

Thai pumpkin

Full meal – Tapas and Main dish – 140 NIS

Desserts 39 NIS :

Mango & Bergamot Tart

Olive oil sable, diced mango, buttermilk foam and kfir lime,

passion fruit sorbet, white chocolate Crumble yogurt, Tapioca tuile

Black Forest in Japan

Chocolate cherry Cremo bar, black licorice meringue, cocoa Sponge, cherry jelly, sake Anglais, licorice Chantilly, cherry sorbet

Exotic Fruit Soup

Coconut milk, citrus and passion fruit, seasonal fruits, sorbet