Passover Menu

First Courses:

White Velvet Ocean 125 NIS

White fish tartar, chopped almonds, yuzu, kohlrabi carpaccio, cured lemon and rose water cream, cured ginger cream, green herbs oil

“Arabic Salad” 121 NIS

White fish ceviche, onions and sumac, tomatoes, shoshka pepper, tahini, herbs, pine nuts, cucumbers, goat yogurt

Eggplant Carpaccio Nur style 111 NIS

Grilled eggplant, almonds tahini, date honey, pistachio, Hameiri cheese, coriander seeds, rosewater and fennel flowers

Andalusian Tuna 137 NIS

Seared Tuna with spices, grilled veggies and Jerusalem artichokes salsa, black & white eggplant cream, yogurt, chipotle vinaigrette, cilantro oil 

Crodu Isla Mujeres 133 NIS

Sea-Bar roasted with salt, fennel seeds, yuzu and habanero aioli, seared avocado, grapefruit, black radish, goat yogurt, artichokes, orange and saffron vinaigrette, almonds

Gefilte Fish 113 NIS

Steamed fish balls, organic carrots, horseradish aioli, horseradish and honey jelly, cream of carrot, beet foam and

mustard leaves


Main Courses

Red Storm 187 NIS

Baked Sea Bar, beet “spaghetti” with lime butter, dried apricot, garlic, sage, bosh cheese, roasted walnuts

Sea Bream on coals 173 NIS

Sea bream fillet on coals, white and black eggplant cream, yoghurt, tomatoes, Buffalo mozzarella, tomato butter, grilled zucchini and asparagus 

Grouper Kabab 159 NIS

Yogurt, green almonds salad, cauliflower, fennel

Brussels sprouts, green sauce and grilled vegetables  

Marrakech 217 NIS

Grouper, confit Shoshka pepper, fennel roasted with citrus, pumpkin “Tershi”, rata potato, Jerusalem artichoke

Grouper Agadir Beaches 232 NIS

Artichoke Barigoule, root vegetables, yogurt, winter grasses, Italian olives, Grouper on the grill