Blue Sky Dinner Menu

First Dishes

Grouper Carpaccio 103 NIS

Grouper seasoned with salt, coriander seeds, and lime,"Colorby “ravioli” filled with nectarines, chili and Uzbek apricot, Mandarin cream, Cucumber flowers, Louisa oil

Jaffa Port Arayes 89 NIS

Chopped Grouper, onion, pine nuts, green herbs and cumin served in a pita, roasted on a charcoal grill, eggplant, amba, tahini and market salad

Crodu Isla Mujeres 111 NIS

White fish sashimi, fennel seeds, yuzu and habanero aioli, seared avocado, grapefruit, black radish, goat yogurt, orange and saffron vinaigrette and chopped almonds

Eggplant Carpaccio “Nur style” 91 NIS

Grilled eggplant, tahini, date honey, pistachio, feta, coriander seeds, rosewater and rose flowers

“Arabic Salad” 101 NIS

White fish ceviche, challots and sumac, tomatoes, shoshka pepper, tahini, herbs, pine nuts, cucumbers, mint, parsley and lemon powder, hyssop and sea salt crackers

White Velvet Ocean 105 NIS

White fish tartar, chopped almonds, yuzu, kohlrabi carpaccio, cured lemon and rose water cream, cured ginger cream, green herbs oil


Main Dishes

Summer Sea Bass 127 NIS

Grilled Sea Bass fillet, summer tomatoes, asparagus, olives, basil, oregano, garlic, chili, tomato vinaigrette, pistachios, oregano and citrus pesto

The Alleys of Akko 135 NIS

Grilled Sea Bream, freekeh rago, green summer vegetables, yogurt, eggplant cream, almonds, herbs vinaigrette

Sicily 131 NIS

Sea Fish on citrus coals, leek and summer lemons, black Linguine, garlic, tomato, fennel seeds, tarragon, lemon zest

Sea Souvlaki 123 NIS

Grilled chunks of Grouper with spices, humus cream, yogurt, grilled onions, tomatoes and smoked peppers Tbecha, cured lemon, chili and coriander vinaigrette

Thai Hraime 153 NIS

Red curry, coconut milk, lemon grass, tomatoes and ginger

Grouper chunks, Thai green beans, pineapple, coriander, peanuts, steamed rice

Zucchini scales Sea Bar 147 NIS

Baked sea bar, Acquerello risotto, lime and mascarpone

Cauliflower flowers in butter, green Beurre Blanc, pea powder



New Middle East 73 NIS

Cream of semolina and mascarpone, yogurt and tassos Crumble, berry compote, Sumac meringue, dry raspberry, olive oil vinaigrette, blood orange sorbet

Lemons of love 71 NIS

Lemon Tart, Lemon cream, sugar tassos, meringue, mint powder, raspberry cream, blood orange marmalade, berries, licorice ice cream

Childhood Games 73 NIS

Chocolate Brulee, Coffee and cocoa Crumble, white chocolate ganache, cocoa tawil, Bamba foam, Strawberry cream, coconut powder

White Clouds 71 NIS

Olive oil sable, Campari & Grapefruit cream, buttermilk foam,

White chocolate and olive oil ice-cream, Tapioca tuile, Hibiscus and raspberry powder

Exotic Soup 67 NIS

Citrus fruits, passion fruit and coconut milk scented with English pepper, fresh summer fruits, ginger jelly and mangoes, tropical fruit twill and lychee sorbet


-Due to the use of fresh materials, there may be changes to the proposed menu-