Passover Menu 2019

Stuffed zucchini 131 NIS

Baby zucchini grilled on charcoal filled with fish kabab and herbs, yoghurt, tassos olive oil, roasted tomatoes and garden cress

Eggplant Carpaccio Nur style 111 NIS

Grilled eggplant, almonds tahini, date honey, pistachio,” Hameiri” cheese and olive oil

Green almond salad 119 NIS

Green almond, chili, ginger, cured lemons, amberjack sashimi, fresh almond milk, hyssop, olive oil


Amberjack Sashimi 133 NIS

Scordelia cream, green grapes salad, chili, shallots and ginger,

Feta cheeses and facos “scales”

Asian Latina 119 NIS

Yellowtail tartar, ginger, lime, chili, pomelo and black radish Tangerine, honey and habanero vinaigrette, avocado cream, citrus jelly marmalade

 Gefilte Fish by Rohche Moonhaiem 113 NIS

Steamed fish patties, organic baby beets & carrots, dessert wine jelly, carrot cream, beetroot and horse radish cream, mustard leaves

Earth fragrances 117 NIS

Jerusalem artichoke soup, mushrooms in butter, roasted chestnuts, thyme

Main Courses:

Red Storm 242 NIS

Sea Bass on coals, beet & celery root “spaghetti” with lime butter, dried apricot, garlic, sage, bosh cheese, roasted walnuts



Summer Sea Bass 223 NISD

Sea bream, cherry tomatoes confit, Buffalo mozzarella, yellow tomatoes vinegar, grilled zucchini, asparagus, garlic and tassos olives



Grouper Kabab 189 NIS

Yogurt, green almonds salad, fennel, zucchini, asparagus,

brussels sprouts, green sauce and black eggplant cream



Spring Scents 265 NIS

Baked Grouper, green garlic cream, asparagus, ratte potato, Macadamia nuts, bar blanc


Sea Souvlaki 215 NIS

Sea Bass on coals, smoked peppers and Jerusalem artichoke, grilled onions, green chili salsa, white eggplant cream and olive oil


Mushrooms Sea Bass 257 NIS

Sea Bar with Shimji mushrooms, ratte potato cream, forest king mushrooms, white roots with butter, macadamia and bar blanc